Residential Solar Power Systems

Make the switch in your home. Solar energy is an amazing way to create a green, renewable energy source for your home. Our team of expert electricians partner with homeowners, real estates, and body corporates to install residential solar power systems.

Greengen Residential solar power

Solar custom homes have become increasingly popular in Australia over the last couple of years. The growth of solar power is promising, and the number of residents who wish to have solar systems in their homes is increasing rapidly. The utility of solar and residential solar power has become one of the most trending topics among Australian citizens. If you are here, it means you are also thinking about having a solar system for your home.

We at Greengen Solar offer solar installation services and specialise in residential solar power systems. Our highly trained professionals have vast experience in installing residential solar power systems and dealing with several types of home roof structures. No project is too small or too large. We equally give priority to all our customers and provide fantastic solar installation services.

Why Australians are crazy about solar custom homes

Not only Australia, in fact, but the whole world is crazy about solar custom homes, just because of their advantages. Solar custom homes are offering a lot of benefits to people that have never been seen before. Residential solar solutions can offer free, uninterrupted electricity in all seasons for many years.

Our solar installation team compiled some of the key benefits that one can enjoy with solar custom homes. Find them below

For Family

For Home

For Money

For Earth